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Listen to author, speaker and serial entrepreneur: John Shuchart!

His amazing, real and very personal story of coming back from the edge...a few times...will MOVE you! 

Listen to our informative, inspiring and then MORE inspiring interview with Audrey Gruss, Founder of Hope for Depression Research Foundation.
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On a scale of one to ten,
“HOW HAPPY are you”

We know. We know.
ou think you should be a nine or a ten.

But you know what?
We’ve ALL got STUFF.

Granted, some people have more stuff
than others. And some people’s stuff
involves real life challenges.

And that's EXACTLY what this show is about:
helping YOU to manage the challenges
life has dealt you.
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Listen to our amazing, inspiring and funny interview with
Shawn Westfall!

He's one of the most amazing-est, inspiring-est, and funny-est people
we know in DC. 

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